Mind’s eye is my research into Grandparents.
In the summer of 2020 I started working at “Rudolf Steiner Zorg”, A care facility for the 
elderly. I’ve always had a weak spot for the elderly and therefore enjoyed my job to the fullest. At a certain moment I started bringing my camera to work, to capture and entertain the residents. During work I suddenly realized that I don’t have any memories of my own 
grandparents. They all passed away when I was just a baby. I noticed I was investigating the feeling of having grandparents. That was the start of this project. 
I was bonding with the residents and wanted to keep them near me forever. Of course, this is impossible. Thus came the idea to document these “Oldies”, as I endearingly call them. 
I want to capture what it’s like to be with them, to be able to hold them.
Next to scanning their possessions, I started scanning the Oldies as well, physically. As close as one can get. It now is similar to a fingerprint.
They gave me new memories and warmth, something I have never felt before. By capturing the Oldies, the memory became tangible.
The publication is for sale, due to corona it takes a bit longer to produce.

The technic that is used is called Cyanotype.
Therefor every publication is unique because all of them have their own manufacturing
process. They are all completely hand made, developed and printed by me.

Email me to order
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