This is Robin. I met him a couple of years ago, while doing groceries. I saw his face. It spoke to me. His eyes dark and shallow. He needed something, or at least that’s what I felt. What it was I didn’t know. I still don’t know... I followed him through a couple of aisles in the supermarket. I went up to him at the parking lot and started the conversation. It seemed as if he was resisting to talk to me. But I stuck to it and got him at ease. We got caught up in a deep conversation. I was intrigued. So I asked him if we could meet up for a drink another time. We did. He started telling me his life stories. He grew up in a poor family. Nobody really paid attention to him. He finally met the woman of his dreams. They got married. Happy to be with someone, she died in a car crash. Again alone. The strange thing was, he said he always felt somebody close to him. Even when there was nobody around. Something inside me told me to keep an eye on him.
a collaboration with Lieke Anderson, models: Robin Heijmans, Pieter van der Niet, Andre Wildenburg, assistent: Lieke Anderson, ©Fleur Huijsdens 2019
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