In 1995 a group of young men voluntarily signed up with the Royal Dutch Army. By coincidence these men were placed in the same regiment: 112 Combat Engineers. With this army unit, which later would be 43, the men did several tours. After a few years of serving together each went their own way. Some stayed with the same regiment or continued their career somewhere else in the army and others tested their luck in civil society. Throughout the years most of these men lost contact with each other. Until... the message that Dave Slierendrecht ended his life. Via WhatsApp a group-app was made, so that all (active and non-active) members of 112 / 43 could be a part of the funeral of Dave. This sad event led to many veterans getting back in touch. The feeling of camaraderie seemed to be rekindled again. As such, also for the seven men in this book. They were asked to make a still with important things and gear that they kept from their service time. Intertwined the stills are archive photos which show the companionship and special moments they had with Dave. The notes that are combined with the photos are from Dave’s own photo archive. The text in between the Photo’s, and at the end are extracts from his farewell letter.
models: Dave Slierendrecht, Ed Koning, Erik Lakwijk, Gerben Naves, John Knijnenburg, Joost Michiels, Martijn de Beurs, Pieter van der Niet. assistent: Pieter van der Niet ©Fleur Huijsdens 2020
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